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LEAN Marketplace Buy and sell digital services and products with $LEAN


LEAN Management Token

Lean Management Token is a part of the Lean Community ecosystem as well as developing its ecosystem on other platforms and is striving to be a global means of payment for people who are interested in its development, as well as for companies and institutions operating in the field of management. LEAN Token strategy bases on the UBB MODEL

  • UTILITY: All management principles transacted in $LEAN
  • BUYBACKS: Monthly buybacks of $LEAN from the income
  • BURNING: Monthly burning events to reduce the total supply

LEAN EduVerse

The EduVerse is the next frontier for the Lean Community. The $LEAN token will have major utility in and out of this new frontier.

Roadmap See whats waiting for You...

  • Acquiring Managers and Lean Thinkers into Lean Community
  • The Launch of the Lean Community Platform and opening access for the members
  • The Launch of the Compensation Plan for Community Members
  • Listing on the first Decentralized Exchange
  • The first partnership with Global Lean Initiative
  • The Launch of the Reward/Utility/Dividend NFT Program
  • First 1,000 Lean Thinkers on the Lean Community
  • Present the offer for Business with $LEAN buyback program
  • Listing on the first global Centralized Exchange
  • Launching the MVP of Lean Marketplace 
  • Launching the free digital library for Practitioners – Lean Library
  • Listing on the global Centralized Exchange
  • Launching the Lean Global Marketplace
  • Launching the Lean Global Consulting platform
  • Refreshing the Lean Community website
  • Launching the FreeLIB mobile application for iOS and Android
  • First 30 authors on the FreeLIB
  • Increasing the offer on the Lean Global Marketplace – services, products and NFT collections
  • First 20 vendors on the Lean Global Marketplace
  • First 40 authors on the FreeLIB
  • First 25 official partners of Lean Community
  • First 10 Trainers verified and approved by the Lean Global Consulting
  • Selling the first consulting services by the Lean Global Consulting
  • Publishing the concept of the EduVerse – the first Metaverse for Education purpose
  • Launching the Skiller Network platform
  • Launching the EduVerse platform for Management Professionals
  • Implementing ready-to-use Virtual Reality onboarding and orientation training via Lean Global Consulting
  • Producing software for the manufacturing industry via Lean Global Consulting
  • 100 authors in the FreeLIB
  • 100 vendors in the Lean Global Marketplace
  • 40 Trainers hired by the Lean Global Consulting

Education Partners

Business Partners