Anthony Day

Blockchain Leader | LinkedIn Top Voice at Blockchain Won't Save the World Podcast | Website

Working across multiple aspects of Blockchain and Web3 technologies since 2016; I help large organisations and start-ups to harness the benefits of using decentralised technologies to create commercially viable businesses and digital transformations. I have experience in leading and scaling large ecosystem and delivery teams to bring Blockchain-enabled platforms into production.

I'm passionate about engagement with the community and helping non-experts to understand, and appreciate, the value of Blockchain technology. I host the Blockchain Won't Save the World Podcast which provides easy-to-understand examples of real world projects or stories around an entire country's experience with the technology, you can find more here:

I'm interested in driving forward adoption of Web3 in the real world. I bring industry experience in Supply Chain Management, Business Operations, Energy, Consumer & Industrial Products, Sustainability and Healthcare, which helps to contextualise how decentralised technology can be applied in ‘traditional’ organisations as well as Blockchain-native projects.

My strengths lie in strategy development, operating model and proposition design, business development, crafting the business case behind complex transformations, bringing multiple organisations together to drive change, and the leadership of multi-million dollar programmes whether that be for the FTSE100, governments, or emerging start-ups.

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