Michał Hałas

Champion and Project Management Expert at TRIZ | [email protected] | Website

TRIZ Champion and Project Management Expert. Valued for opening thinking. The trainings he conducted were often a breakthrough event in the participants' careers. At TRIZ, he is fascinated by the possibility of providing simple solutions to difficult problems and breaking fixations.

A trainer with over 20 years of experience, as well as a long-term member of the Supervisory Board at the ODITK GROUP. A respected speaker talked about TRIZ at Lean, Project Management (IPMA, PMI) and Production Management conferences. At the international TRIZ Future conference in 2016, he compared TRIZ with Design Thinking and Lean 3P. At the TRIZfest conference in September 2017, he showed what the difficulty of TRIZ is. Host of the 1st TRIZ Conference in Poland in 2015 and Technovation Forum 2018, 2019, and 20/21.

An engineer in the management and design of production systems and a graduate of the Business School at Wolverhampton University. He started his professional history in Great Britain - in Ricoh and Viscose Closures, and in Poland - at AT&T and Lucent Technologies. IPMA certification assessor and the first president of IPMA Polska.

He is an editor of the TRIZ Polska community. Author of articles in the field of TRIZ published on the website www.triz.oditk.pl and in Strefa PMI, Controlling and Zarządzanie, LeanCenter, Control Engineering, Mechanik and Puls HR. Founder of the Research and Development group.

Privately, he is interested in Christian spirituality, a husband and father of three daughters.

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