LEAN - $0.45-14.47%

All management principles in $LEAN

Most of the actiivities in the Lean Ecosystem will be transacted in Lean Management Token $LEAN. Buying and selling on the Marketplace, earning for activeness on the Skiller Network, donating in the FreeLIB, NFT sales. All transacted in $LEAN. The EduVerse is the next frontier, the Lean Management Token will have major utility in and out of this new frontier.

$LEAN Ecosystem

Complete Ecosystem where $LEAN performs a number of function

Business Model

Our business model is a mix of B2B, C2C & B2C. The main place to use the token is the marketplace where transaction fees are charged in Lean Management Token. In addition, the Lean Community, when developing and selling business services, makes regular monthly buybacks that can be tracked in the IR section. All $LEAN from fees and buybacks goes to the Job Placement and Community Wallet, where they are being burned based on the burning ratio.


UTILITY Only in Lean Community ecosystem, $LEAN can be used on

different platforms: FreeLIB, Marketplace, Skiller Network

BUYBACKS Lean Community bought from CEX/DEX and sent for burning

since the beginning of performing the buyback program

BURNING Thanks to the burning process, the total supply of $LEAN was reduced by

0 %
to 2,592,699 $LEAN vs the initial supply of 3,000,000 $LEAN


Explore $LEAN

  • 50% - Job Placement & Community Wallet
  • 25% - Marketing Wallet
  • 8% - AirDrop Wallet
  • 5% - Launchpad ICO Wallet
  • 5% - Core team Wallet
  • 3% - Development Wallet
  • 2% - Partnership Wallet
  • 2% - Lean Marketplace Liquidity Wallet

Distribution of $LEAN by wallets

$LEAN White Paper