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LEAN Marketplace Buy and sell digital services and products with $LEAN


Soon available
Soon available

LEAN Management Token


All management priniciples in $LEAN. Buying and selling on the Marketplace, earning for activeness on the Skiller Network, donating in the FreeLIB, NFT sales. All transacted in $LEAN. 

LEAN EduVerse

The EduVerse is the next frontier for the Lean Community. The $LEAN token will have major utility in and out of this new frontier.

Roadmap See whats waiting for You...

  • Acquiring Managers and Lean Thinkers into Lean Community
  • The Launch of the Lean Community Platform and opening access for the members
  • The Launch of the Compensation Plan for Community Members
  • Listing on the first Decentralized Exchange
  • The first partnership with Global Lean Initiative
  • The Launch of the Reward/Utility/Dividend NFT Program
  • First 1,000 Lean Thinkers on the Lean Community
  • Present the offer for Business with $LEAN buyback program
  • Listing on the first global Centralized Exchange
  • Launching the MVP of Lean Marketplace 
  • Launching the free digital library for Practitioners – Lean Library
  • Listing on the global Centralized Exchange
  • Launching the Skiller Network platform
  • Launching the Lean Global Marketplace
  • Launching the Lean Global Consulting platform
  • Refreshing the Lean Community website
  • Launching the FreeLIB mobile application for iOS and Android
  • First 30 authors on the FreeLIB
  • Increasing the offer on the Lean Global Marketplace – services, products and NFT collections
  • First 50 vendors on the Lean Global Marketplace
  • First 45 authors on the FreeLIB
  • First 15 Trainers hired by the Lean Global Consulting through the Skiller Network
  • Selling the first consulting services by the Lean Global Consulting
  • Publishing the concept of the EduVerse – the first Metaverse for Education purpose
  • Launching the EduVerse platform for Management Professionals
  • Implementing ready-to-use Virtual Reality onboarding and orientation training via Lean Global Consulting
  • Producing software for the manufacturing industry via Lean Global Consulting
  • 100 authors in the FreeLIB
  • 100 vendors in the Lean Global Marketplace
  • 40 Trainers hired by the Lean Global Consulting
  • Listing $LEAN on the big major Centralized Exchange

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