Iwona Burka

Dr. Iwona Burka holds a Ph.D. in Economics and has carved a distinguished career as a business trainer, researcher, adviser, and university lecturer. Celebrated for her contribution to various papers on management systems, she's also co-authored the seminal book, "Lean Service in theory and practice". With years immersed in the real-world implementation of management systems, Dr. Burka excels at simplifying complexities and excess. She fervently champions the optimization of organizational processes using the Lean approach combined with the Kaizen philosophy. Beyond organizational interventions, she is passionate about enhancing personal productivity through Lean principles, cultivating a supportive organizational culture, and molding diverse cognitive strategies fitting for the 21st-century individual. Her vast expertise encompasses creativity in business, adept problem-solving methodologies, the profound art of inquiry, and the fundamentals of self-directed learning. Consistently pioneering, Dr. Burka underscores the importance of custom strategies for competency development, nuanced knowledge management, and crafting efficient documentation through a lean lens.

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